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Sanctuary Village is planning to build the first tiny house community in the Philadelphia area to alleviate housing insecurity for those looking to transition out of homelessness.

We are bringing people together from various backgrounds, communities, and faith traditions to build a small community of security, hope, and healing. With this security and the case management that will be available, residents can move on to permanent housing when ready, a model proven in other cites to be effective. We would love to bring it here.


Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and get us one step closer to making this community a reality.


We invite you to join us in our fundraising efforts. If you have experience in fundraising or grant writing or would just like to lend a helping hand, send us a message!


Sanctuary Village provides people without housing, with transitional tiny homes within communities of care, advocacy, and equitable access to resources to empower their life choices.

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