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As the season changes, the ads for political candidates are ramping up.  Soon we will all have campaign ad fatigue, surely.  May the candidates who are truly concerned about providing for the need of all, especially our most vulnerable, be the ones who get our vote.  Be sure and vote in November.  

Happy Fall!

Past Newsletters

We welcome the summer and hope you will all have some time to relax and refresh. It has been a difficult Spring ... like you, we at Sanctuary Village are saddened and greatly concerned over the violence that seems to have taken over our country, certainly including Philadelphia (with a staggering 200+ murder rate for 2022 as of Memorial Day weekend). Our hearts go out to those who have lost a loved one. 


Let us all work together in whatever ways we can to make our country safe place for all, especially our children and most vulnerable neighbors. All of our efforts can make a difference.  

We have been busy all winter and are ready for the brighter, longer days of Spring. Yet, as I write, the world is filled with chaos and violence. We at Sanctuary Village send our most heartfelt concern and love to the people of Ukraine, as well as to our neighbors closer to home who are unhoused. Let’s continue to work together to make the world a more compassionate place. Here is our latest news. As always, thank you for your support.

It has been a hot summer with violent storms and much
uncertainty and anxiety around the virus, the variants, masks in schools…it seems that trying times are staying with us. We at Sanctuary Village have been keeping up our efforts for the tiny house village during these final weeks of summer.

We are excited to release our first newsletter and share with you some recent updates about what we’ve been focused on of late. We thank you for your interest and your support. It’s with people like you that we will be able to make our tiny house village a reality.

We are on the road to getting sponsors for our tiny houses – please continue to spread the word! Read on to see all we have been doing. As always, thank you for your support.

And please remember those who have nowhere warm and safe to rest their head during the coming cold months and help us to make a tiny house village a reality in 2022. 

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