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Sanctuary Village is a future tiny house community in Philadelphia designed and built with the express purpose of alleviating housing insecurity for those looking to transition out of homelessness.


We have been chosen by the City of Philadelphia to build a tiny house village at
7979 State Road. Our residents will be women who have been experiencing homelessness and who are 55 years of age or more. We are eager to start building! 


Philadelphia has a 26% poverty rate, one of the highest in the nation. Of that 26%, over half
are living in deep poverty, with incomes below 50% of the federal poverty limit. In 2019, approximately 8,300 unique individuals accessed emergency shelter in Philadelphia. Recent
annual population increases and job losses due
to COVID-19 have increased the numbers of people living on the streets.


While traditional homeless shelters are generally cheaper to construct than conventional low-income housing units, they rank on par with the streets as a living preference because shelters often enforce strict rules and do not include private space. A transitional tiny house village offers a cost-effective means for providing intermediate shelter option while preserving individual autonomy, privacy, and responsibility.
Sanctuary Village is a 501c3 that was created to offer an efficient and effective way to address chronic street homelessness in the city of Philadelphia by creating a village of tiny houses. Our tiny houses will provide for the residents’ basic needs— stability, security, privacy, and the ability to stay warm and dry—are met; a vast improvement from being without any shelter.

The houses will be 8 feet x 12 feet with a 4-foot porch. Several will be ADA- accessible.  See below for how hey will be laid out at the site.


Tiny Home Site Plan from Civil.jpg
How can I Help?

VOLUNTEER - volunteers are needed for all sorts of tasks, roles and jobs. To inquire please CLICK THE BUTTON

DONATE - we are actively fundraising and can use your support. To donate directly CLICK THE BUTTON


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