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Cathy Farrell and Maggie Weber (a Sanctuary Village volunteer) recently met with teachers and students at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

We were thrilled to meet two amazing tenth graders who took the initiative to work on both a digital model as well as a physical small-scale model of a tiny house, based on our actual building plans! Under the guidance of their teacher, Juliet Fajardo (who is also a practicing architect), two students used their class time for their Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership project, using a laser cutter and 3D printer, to make the small but to-scale model you see here.  This model can be used by members of the Sanctuary Village board when we give presentations about the project. And the young women had the idea to make the roof removable so that you can see inside the house, and even move the furniture around.  This can allow our future residents to let us know how they would like their tiny house set up – having a choice like that will be important for people who have not had one for a long time.

We are inspired by these students and we thank Chestnut Hill Academy for supporting Sanctuary Village.

Harvest Festival, Oct 2, at Resurrection Lutheran Church, Horsham

Rendering of Future Village by Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture

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